Merlin's Story

Merlin's story isn't quite so complicated as Arthur's.  It was a case of simple awe at the lovely boy before me.

On October 19, 1994, I drove to the feedlot to take photographs of a specific horse.  I walked from pen to pen looking at the horses there that day.  In one of the far pens were eight grey Arabian mares that had been dumped by a local breeder.  In the same paddock was a gelding ... an absolutely exquisite gelding with the face of an equine angel.  He was kind but very shy.

During the next several hours, I continued to find myself drawn back to that pen where he was, off by himself.  The huge, kind eye, four high white socks, and a large blaze.  A long, thick mane and tail of black, copper, and silver streaks (I still find him more beautiful a horse than I ever dreamed of owning) -- what a sight he was!

Before I left that day I told the horsetrader, "DO NOT SHIP HIM -- GIVE ME TWO WEEKS TO RAISE THE MONEY."  Ten days later, Merlin came "home" ...

This photo was taken the day I found him at the kill pens ...


Could YOU have walked away from him?

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