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Custom Portrait by Matt Scott

NEW!! A lovely custom portrait has been donated by artist Matt Scott, and the piece above is an example done of AHRN rescue, Jarsan! Matt can work from photographs (headstudy or full body / action shots), and bidding will go through the end of December. Think of what a wonderful holiday gift this would be for yourself or someone close to you! Thank you for donating a custom portrait, Matt!

Bids as of 11/30/99

Leslie: $45.00
Crystal: $50.00


Arabian Horse Newsletter Logo

Jan Austin is pleased to announce that the Arabian Network Newsletter is now selling via mail order and special events, Breyer Model Horses! As an authorized Breyer dealer, they have pledged that a portion of each and every sale will go to approved rescue organizations, and AHRN is one of the recipients!

They have just received a large shipment of Huckleberry Beys and Coppers (a limited edition celebrating the rescue of Copper by the Hooved Animal Humane Society). They also have ordered the other available Arabian models as well as select non-Arab models. All you have to do is go to their site at www.arabian-network.com and you can order via credit card or by check! Thanks to Jan and The Arabian Horse Newsletter for supporting AHRN!


Semi-Antique Necklace

This lovely semi-antique necklace was donated by Dr. Charlotte Newell, DVM, to benefit the Arabian Horse Rescue Network. Charlotte says the metal is silver in color, though definitely not sterling, and believes the inset stones are coral. Its about 3" from top to bottom and makes nice jingly noises :D Roseann thinks it would be also be beautiful on a costume halter! Bidding will go through August 15th. Thank you Charlotte, for donating this lovely piece!

Bids as of 7/31/99

Nan: $10.00
Kathy: $15.00



Six lovely custom portraits have been offered by professional artist, Cathie Lehocky! Cathie's work has appeared in national magazines, and while she doesn't normally do commissioned work, she has very generously offered six custom portraits to help the rescue effort! The minimum bid is $45, and you can learn more about the details of the offer on her website (click here as there are some guidelines). Cathie has quite a backlog at the moment as she has offered her wonderful services to a couple of rescue organizations so the portraits will be done in the order the pictures are received. Be aware that the wait could be many months - but I'm sure it will be worth it! Thank you, Cathie!

Bids as of 12/27/98

A phiero: $45.00
S. Lasda: $50.00
L. Jester: $50.00

Stacy: $75.00


"Garlius at Gladstone"

"Nightmares" by Stephanie White

"Garlius at Gladstone"


Stephanie has very graciously offered to donate another set of prints for the benefit auction (valued at $100 each)! If you'd like to learn more about Stephanie and see other examples of her work, please visit her at AWhitehorse.com Equine Art Gallery presents: Stephanie White.

The special custom portrait Stephanie donated to the Arabian Horse Rescue Network has been purchased by D'Arcy, and will be a likeness of their pure polish stallion, Samburu KA! A HUGE thank you to Stephanie and D'Arcy for their support and generosity! They have promised to share it with us when its done so we can show everyone :)


Stephanie has very graciously offered to donate another custom painting of your equine companion for the special price of $600 to aid the Arabian Horse Rescue Network in their continued efforts! The last one she did for D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson was a huge success! Thank you, Stephanie and D'Arcy!



In 1969 the Carl Raswan Index was reprinted in a limited edition of 1000 copies. The original six volumes were condensed into three for this reprinting. This is a mint set and numbered #41 and was purchased by longtime supporter, Cheryll Ford! Thank you, Cheryll!

THE ARABIAN HORSE, by Spencer Border (1906)

This book was generously donated by another long time AHRN supporter, Diane Ekern. Thank you again, Diane!


Northlight Mare and Foal

These lovely collectibles were donated by Deb Steinberg, mother of Desi and Stormm and owner of Nickers & Neighs! Deb has always shown tremendous support for the AHRN! The set was purchased by Sharon Samuelson and we thank both Deb and Sharon for their wonderful support!


Arthur Sporting A Rug!

Tunisian Blanket

This lovely Tunisian blanket was donated by Syr Darya's mom Kathryn, a US Foreign Service Officer, and was acquired during her travels. It is being sported by the famous Arthur himself, and was offered exclusively to AHRN supporters. Here is what Kathryn told us about it:

"Oudref, Tunisia is the traditional home of the best such blankets in the country, and this particular blanket is made in the oldest of the traditional designs by the oldest traditional dyes and weaving methods. The authenticity of the weaving, the dye, and the design are guaranteed by the Tunisian government. The color will fade some in the sun, but the blanket itself will probably last as close to forever as anyone would care about."

It was purchased by another AHRN mom Cheryll Ford, mother to the darling OTTr! Many thank you's to Kathryn and Cheryll for being so generous in their ongoing support of the AHRN!


Arabian Stallion by Maria D'Angelo

Maria D'Angelo graciously donated another one of her beautiful graphite custom portraits on bristol board (for more information on Maria or to see other examples of her beautiful work, please visit her website at Equine Art by Maria D'Angelo). The custom portrait  was purchased by AHRN supporter Melanie (Keasby@aol.com). Thanks to both of you for helping the AHRN so generously!


Colleen Kennedy (Telquest@aol.com) generously donated a group of five beautiful Breyer horses to be auctioned off on eBay! So far her donations have raised nearly $150 for the AHRN! Thank you, Colleen! Stay tuned for more Breyers to be auctioned off on eBay!

TY Princess Di Bear

This darling Princess Di bear was donated by Cindy Henry's daughter, Lauren Prejean, to help the rescues. Here is Lauren's touching story:

"Hi. I am 9 years old and I have wanted a Princess Di Bear since I started collecting TY Beanie Babies a year ago. My Mom and me looked everywhere for one, but they were always too expensive to buy from the people selling them. The other day, my Mom and me were in the mall and stopped at a store. They were having a drawing for Princess Bears and I won! I put her in the cabinet with the rest of my TY's and she looked so pretty. That night my Mom was looking at a picture of Popeye the horse she is saving from death and I asked her what she was doing. She told me about the people that are saving the horses and how much money it costs. I asked her if they would want my new Princess Bear. I saw on T.V. where it is the anniversary of Princess Di's death and thought she, Princess Di, would like it if her Bear helped the horses. So, I am auctioning off my Princess Di Bear. Please bid a lot of money on her and give her a good home. You will make me happy and all the horses.

Thank you,
Lauren Prejean
Age 9 years"

A gentleman read of Lauren's offer on the internet and wrote her back this wonderful response:

September 11, 1998

Dear Lauren,

You don't know me but something you have done has helped this old father of two daughters remember what it is like to see the world the way it should be seen, with the clear uncluttered vision of a child.

I just read about your gift to the Arabian Horse Rescue Network and it was "big time" impressive. Your gift of the Princess Di bear was a huge and wonderful thing to do. I am sure that your mom is very proud of you.

You have helped this old guy remember that, even when the money looks tight and the bills are high, there is no excuse not to help.

You see, some times we adults get a little confused. We think that the need to pay the mortgage and the water bill comes before our sense of compassion. As you have just reminded me, the mortgage can be sent a day late, the water bill will get paid, but, if we fail to listen to our hearts ... we lose something that can never be regained.

So, in the midst of a pile of bills taller than a stallion's shoulder, I have enclosed a check for $100 to the Arabian Horse Rescue Network ... in your honor.

You are cooler than penguin poop (which is verry cool, being in Antarctica most of the time).

Thank you (a lot),

Sheldon Lasda
(child in training)

Thank you for donating her, Lauren. Giving up something like your bear up for a cause you believe in is very admirable ... you have a huge heart of gold! This gift is deeply appreciated by all of us.

And congratulations to Toni Tidwell, yet again the high bidder on an AHRN Benefit Auction item! Your generosity and love for these horses is overwhelming. Many thank yous!

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