I've Found A New Home!!


This is "Gulliver," the other young stud colt that came in with "Popeye," Calricia Bay Fox, and "Calricia's Friend." The vet estimates he is only about a year old by his teeth, but he is HUGE. The breeder who dumped them owned the Bey Shah son, RS Supreme Bey, and it is believed that these two boys ("Gulliver" and "Popeye") are by that stallion.  "Gulliver" is going to live with Kate and Brett Gries of Idaho in late September. Kate is also taking Starleen, the gelding that came in with Flicka's Fire.  Starleen and has been living with CyndiB and her daughter Katie, who selflessly offered her savings to rescue Starleen.

"Gulliver" Here's the most recent picture we have of "Gulliver" (9/4), "Popeye's" trusty side kick.  He is also doing extremely well and looking as impish as ever! These two colts are darling and Roseann has had a wonderful time watching them play! Like most of the others, she's become hopelessly attached to "the boys!"

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