I've Found A New Home!!

"Popeye" "Popeye"

This is "Popeye" (as named by the vet!), the lovely two and a half year old colt that has the injured eye. He was saved through a tremendous outpouring by AHRN supporters on the internet. To each of you who helped rescue him, thank you! You've spared him the terrible pain and terror he undoubtedly would have experienced had AHRN been unable to keep him from going to slaughter. He is kind and wants to trust, but because of lack of handling, he is very leary of people (and understandably so). Every one of you who gave was his savior ...

Unfortunately, the infection has gone deep into the surrounding internal eye tissue, and the eye is not salvageable. What remains of the eye will have to be removed, and surgery and treatment will cost around $900. It is very sad to know that with proper veterinary care, he would have had at least some vision ... but this was not afforded him by the person that dumped him. Thankfully, this matters not to his new loving family. He went to the Equus Sanctuary 8/7/98 for medical treatment and rehabilitation (he is also terribly underweight and badly malnourished), and after he has some time to heal, he'll be gelded. When he is fully recuperated, he will move to his new home with AOLer Cindy Henry (Holdemhigh) in Texas. We estimate this will be sometime in October.

It is hard to imagine how such a lovely animal could be so horribly neglected ... We have reason to believe he is by the Bey Shah son, RS Supreme Bey, but we do not know if he was ever registered. Stay tuned ... we'll bring you more on his story as it unfolds. Thank you again to all the kind souls who came to his rescue ...


Here is the newest (9/4/98) photo we have of "Popeye!"  The vet's prognosis on his condition has changed substantially and it now looks like he will not have to have surgery or lose the eye! As you can see, it has made an incredible change for the better with proper treatment, and Roseann actually thinks he has some degree of vision in it. He is doing very well and will be making his journey to Texas with PS I LuvYou, a Blackstone Bey filly that was also rescued recently.

Popeye and Cindy Henry

I received the above photo of Popeye from owner, Cindy Henry on 11/20/99! Would you look at that coat shine with health! Who would ever believe this guy was in such bad shape and potentially on his way to a European dinner plate just a little over a year ago? He looks great, Cindy!

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