EC Porcelain

I've Found A New Home!!

EC Porcelain

EC Porcelain ("Celina") is a HUGE six-year-old 3/4 Arabian mare that was identified by her freeze mark. She is by the pure spanish stallion *Numaa, and out of a daughter of Lucky Commander ASB.

Update 11/9/98: Celina's new home in AZ fell through. Her new mom became ill and we decided she should take care of herself first before she takes on another horse. So Celina needs a home. She is a huge, beautiful mare, six years old, and greenbroke at most. She does have a possibly limiting conformational problem of very straight front legs. She won't be able to show or do dressage or the like ... some arena and trail work would be fine. We have her identity but not her papers. If papers are a must, then this girl is NOT for you.

Update 11/25/98: Celina has a new home! We just received this wonderful letter from her new mom, Louise:

"Roseann - I am in love!!!! We are a match made in heaven!!! Celina behaved well although she found it necessary to make a lot of noise and was screaming and shouting for a couple of hours! She has a great box and enjoyed her dinner tonight. I bought her some horsey snacks and a very posh new halter and rope. I just went back and turned her out and a crowd of people gathered to watch her - she is quite a show off and really beautiful!!!!!!! I asked a few people about her legs and the general consensus seems to be good shoes will do the trick. I think I will get them done this week and see what the farrier says. Thank you - I am VERY happy and so is Celina!"

EC Porcelain

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