Class Act WWF

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Class Act WWF

2/7/99: AHRN volunteer Trish Warr, went to the feedlot to see this boy. He is an almost black, black/bay thirteen-year-old stallion with some very special needs. He is by the National Champion Park Horse First Class, and out of the *Erros daughter, Inamorrata.

Class Act WWF at the feedlot

Class Act at the feedlot

Apparently, this poor horse has been standing in a dark stall for the majority of his 13 years. He is pretty neurotic right now. He does not lead particularly well, and tends to lead you, not the other way around. He reportedly has been saddle trained, but right now, I would not get on him. He is a small, muddy, very smelly back pen, pacing back and forth and yelling for mares. He is small but fairly well put together. He would be adorable if he stood still for 2 seconds! In my opinion, he should be gelded and then turned out in a decent sized area and allowed to be a horse for a little while.

Class Act WWF

Class Act WWF

He is at risk of being used as a teaser (if they can get him to lead), and if that doesn't work out he will likely be a horse-tripping candidate or dinner. The woman reportedly went in his stall and he pinned his ears and bared his teeth, but she walked right up and started to pat his head and he was OK. There is probably hope for him, but he needs the right situation and a very patient, firm, and knowledgeable person to oversee his "rehabilitation."

UPDATE: We have found a home for Class Act! He will go to a temporary foster home with Christine (Shatena) where he will be gelded and receive some basic handling. From there, he has a home with a large pasture where he can get some much needed exercise and learn to be a horse. Stay tuned for more!


Class Act WWF
1986 Bay Stallion
AHR# 353131
First Class *Bask Witraz
Khema Khemosabi
Inamorrata *Erros *El Paso
BH Gatanna El Gatoson

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