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The home for the Pyruss daughter has fallen through and she is in need again. Espry is a darling -- you can saddle, bridle, and sit on her, but she doesn't understand leg ques and going forward. She is pretty unflappable, but needs education. She is 10 years old and about 14.2-3, and really needs someone of her own -- she talks all the time. She will make someone a terrific companion/pleasure riding trail horse ... and is a very easy keeper (read: she eats everyone's left overs without batting an eye). She is by the lovely pure polish stallion *Pyrrus (*Bandos x Pascha by *El Paso), but was never registered by her breeder.

UPDATE 6/18/99: Espry has a new home with Cindy in San Antonio, TX! The following is wonderful letter written by her new mom, and we wish her and Espry a wonderful, loving life together ... thank you for taking her in and giving her a home of her own, Cindy!:

"The first time I saw Espry on the AHRN I knew she was my horse. I had to have her .... Let me start at the beginning. I have two sons. My oldest son was born in 1976 and my youngest in 1980. My sons own equal portions of my heart, that is, exactly half for each. On June 05, 1997, the unthinkable happened. My oldest one was suddenly taken from me. Half my heart died with him. The first year, following his death, is still a blur. Then the second year my dear, sweet friend, Teresa Moore, who has horses as a part of her life, persuaded me I had to learn to ride. She patiently taught me and allowed me free access to her beautiful 22 year old mare named Little One. I soon found that simply brushing Little One and loving her helped to fill a void in my life. She gave me so much love, as well as, a big bounce on my head, but that, too, was okay. She became so much a part of my healing. Then, on June 05, 1999 , exactly two years to the date of my son's death, Little One decided that she had done enough for me. Teresa and I both, devastated, agreed that she was ready for retirement and that she would go live with Teresa's friend, Monica, in Kansas. I was totally heartbroken and lonely for her. On June 14th, just nine days later, Teresa called me and told me my dream horse was at a horse refuge in California. She knew I wanted a grey Arabian approximately 8-10 years old. I reluctantly, but at her insistence, pulled up the picture and story of Espry. I couldn't believe it ... I knew she was not just a grey Arabian, but she was the horse that I so desperately wanted. I instantly e-mailed Roseann. I didn't have a clue how I could possibly be fortunate enough to be chosen for her or how I could possibly get her to Texas, but I knew I had to have her. I did not care if she needed education or not. My heart had fallen in love with her and I had to have her. I wanted to turn Espry's despair and hopelessness into love and my lifelong companion. I don't like bringing up my past, it hurts too much, just as Espry's past must hurt her. I already love her and I can't wait to get her home. God Bless Roseann for her undying patience with my numerous e-mails and so much help she has given me. God Bless Teresa for her devotion and determination in helping me to share in the life of this beautiful and special companion named Espry."

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