I've Found A New Home!!

Eureca Eureca

(*Zloty Potok x *Eureka by Gwarny)
1989 Bay Mare

This is Eureca, a pure polish nine year old mare out of an imported Gwarny daughter. We've been trying but we may not be able to get her papers, which is a shame with her breeding. She is a small, race bred mare that would probably make a good endurance horse. She's broke, but would certainly need an experienced rider and/or some training. One of our staunch supporters put up the money for her, but we need to return it when we find her a home ...

UPDATE: Eureca has found a new home! Here is her story:

Eureca was dumped through a low-end auction, her papers withheld by a selfish owner. Her situation was posted on the internet, and a representative of Eureca's breeder called AHRN. He offered to contact the farm that had dumped her to try to obtain the papers. Apparently, the last owner, who has been involved with breeding, showing, and importing Arabians for decades, would not work with him. He knew exactly what would happen to the mare if she were not pulled from the feedlot but was still unwilling to help. Her breeder then offered to cover her expenses but many months later, the offered support never materialized.

It is very sad, but also very common, that the horses end up being the ones to pay the ultimate price when they are dumped without their papers. Because she was without her papers, this talented and well-bred mare was much harder to place, and had to wait for a home that did not care whether or not she was registered. Funds that have to be used to support a current rescue longer, means the money may not be available later to help another rescue in need. Most of the AHRN's donors are hard working individuals who work full time jobs and already have human and equine families to support, but dig into their pockets each month to offer what they can to the cause. It is very disheartening to see these lovely animals cast off to slaughter because they no longer fit a program, or have their papers withheld for more money to their detriment. Fortunately for Eureca, her situation has a happy ending. Some are not so lucky. Unfortunately, her first home did not work out so she is now living the good life in Texas with AHRN volunteer, Cindy Henry.


1989 Bay Mare
AHR# 424186

*Zloty Potok *Bandos Negatiw
Zamiec Czardasz
Zloty Iwa
*Eureka Gwarny Amurath Sahib
Eunice Comet

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