I've Found A New Home!!

"The Little Grey Mare"

The grey mare is fleabitten, but other than that, she looks VERY much like the gelding "Julian", and they hang out together (thats him behind her ... they came to the feedlot at the same time). She is VERY friendly and sweet! She followed me around wanting to be petted. She is broke and was actually wonderful being ridden with the halter. She is off a bit and has ringbone; front right foot. I would think that with proper care, she could make a wonderful child's horse. She is around 10-11 years old also. Her weight is good and she appears healthy other than the ringbone. She has no papers with her. She will be brought to the AHRN to be evaluated until long term plans can me made for a home for her.  Below is a picture of her under saddle with Cindy B's daughter, Katie.

Update 11/9/98:  Jessica has at least a temporary forster home for now. She is 20ish, and her new foster mom Christine (AOLer Shatena), has a nice big one acre pasture for her to move around in.  Jessica has arthritis and that pasture, and its current resident miniature horse, are just what Jessica needs.

"The Little Grey Mare"

UPDATE 2/7/98: Jessica has worked her way into Christine's heart and will stay with her family permanently. Christine recently sent us this update on Jessica:

"What can I say about this lovely, wonderful lady? She's the sweetest, gentlest, kindest soul. Her manners are impeccable. My children are her children too, and she will stand to be brushed and fussed over forever, haltered or not. Today my daughter fell off Jessica (first fall ever for my daughter). This HUGE great dane appeared out of nowhere and lunged at Jessie through the fence. Jessie startled and Andrina fell off. Having never fallen before, Andrina began bawling VERY loudly. If Jessica could have cried she would have. I felt SO bad for her. Her whole face and body language said she felt VERY guilty about allowing her child to fall. In fact, she looked so forlorn, my daughter noticed it and stopped crying and began hugging and petting her, reassuring Jessie that it wasn't her fault. They spent a good two hours this afternoon riding around after that and they were both ready for the dane when he lunged at them again!"

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