I've Found A New Home!!

"The Grey Gelding"

This sweet grey gelding is broke to ride and would make someone a perfect Christmas gift! The price to purchase him from the feedlot is $500 and we need to get him out soon!

Update 11/25/98: There is a gentlemen who has shown an interest in the gelding and is 'first in line' for him. He will come see him in mid-December. If this home doesn't work out, we'll let everyone know. Also we will have him 'home,' to AHRN, on Friday, November 27th.

"The Grey Gelding"

"The Grey Gelding"

"The Grey Gelding"

UPDATE 2/7/98: Preston has gone to live with with Christine (AOLer Shatena), and two other AHRN alumi Jessica and Spotless! Chrisine recently shared this update about Preston:

"This one is best when he doesn't feel he has to compete with anyone. If he thinks another horse is getting something, he HAS to have it. He can get pushy, and doesn't always look to see if there is a human in the way before he launches an attack :( On the other hand, he is getting better every day. He seems to be learning that he will get plenty of love, attention, and treats even if another horse gets some.

He loves to be brushed ... in fact, he doesn't move off when I turn him loose after grooming, he just hangs around hoping for more hugs, carrots and petting. He's gentle under saddle but knows vitually nothing. He has no idea what leg pressure means, nor can he fathom a wide gradual turn. Turns in his mind mean an immediate change in direction. He just doesn't "get" why I might want to make a BIG circle :)

"I have been teaching him how to lunge properly. Right now he thinks lunging means running around very fast and changing directions frequently. He is just starting to "get" that he can WALK and go around more than one time without changing direction. With all his not so great habits, I really like this guy. He's smart, very willing to learn and he is very loving and kind."

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