Sweet Khemoshah

I've Found A New Home!!

Sweet Khemoshah and Tiffany

This is Sweet Khemoshah and her new "mom" Tiffany! And here is a note Tiffany posted on the AOL message board about her new love:

I just quickly wanted to thank Sweet Khemoshah, my rescued love. I can't stop thinking of her sweet face and gentle soul. I am counting the days until I get her home. My thank you is for this - inspiring me anew of my love of the magnificent breed that is the Arabian, and in my quest to fill the hole left in my heart by my beloved mare, leading me to a noble cause and some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Roseann - you inspire me every time you share your passion for the lost souls that you give a new life to. So, even before you have officially joined my family you have filled my heart with love, and my life with new friends. It really doesn't get much better. So, in return, I promise to cherish and love you every day for the rest of your life. Thanks to Roseann and to every other person that has supported the AHRN....Tiffany

Sweet Khemoshah and Tiffany


Sweet Khemoshah
1992 Grey Mare
AHR# 484383

Eklipse Kaiyoum Khemosabi
Big Sky Easterbun Tonza
RR Tiny Dancer Shah Raffon Bey Shah
CA Raffons Dawn
Mor Chablis Serafic
RM Chablis

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