I've Found A New Home!!

"Khismet" with Roseann

with Roseann

Friday, December 26

We went to the feedlot to bath L.P. Fury and Annie, the NSH mare, for their trip home the next day. In a corner pen by himself was a lovely chestnut stallion--no papers, no freezebrand--just the gentle beauty and affection of an Arabian. Three hundred pounds underweight, with an inch of mud caked on his lower legs, and standing still in 8 inches of disgusting muck! Now what are his possibilities?

Some macho man may come along and want a stallion to ride him in a constant frenzy to prove his riding prowess?

Someone wants a stallion to breed -- oh, great--more grade horses at the feedlot three years from now!!

The truck to Texas?

The very moment I saw him--the split second I walked into his pen and he put his large lovely head down and against me while I scratched behind his ears--I KNEW without a doubt that this boy was coming 'home'. NO WAY was he going to slaughter! He simply climbed into my heart and head, and I won't sleep well until he's safe.

I need to raise about $1,000---to buy him, haul him home, geld him, and board him for at least a month--he will stay with me until he has calmed and is rideable, and then to a new home--then again ... maybe home is here.

UPDATE (1/12/98):  Thanks to the kindness and concern of several folks online, Khismet was brought to safety on January 4.  He is temporarily boarded at a facility that will take stallions without locking them in a stall they cannot see out of, and the owners are graciously willing to assist in handling and helping--out of love for horses. Khismet was gelded January 10, and needs exercise, hosing and medicine daily--the folks at the facility do all of that at no charge!!

He is a kind, sweet, gentleman who steals the heart of all who meet him. He will remain at the boarding facility for at least a month, and then come to my home to be assessed for rideability and placeability...or maybe he'll be home--this boy just stole my heart without my knowing it.

Khismet and Family

Khismet and Family

Khismet is currently on lease to "Susan and Family" and recently completed his first Walk/Trot class!  Here are some wonderful words she had to share with us about this horse that has become a part of their family:

He is wonderful, a real sweetheart, very gentle around all of us including our three kids. He loves people. He loves his apple wafer treats and he knows when to expect one or two. He comes to me when I call his name, and follows me closely when I muck out the corral.

He is very handsome -- and when I get to see him under saddle, when my hasband, Jon is riding him, I am just in awe of his beauty -- his perfect chestnut colored coat that shines in the sun, the way that long forelock hangs down his forehead and almost completely covers his eyes, and the beautiful blaze down his face. The way he trots and prances around when he is perky. The way his mane flies out, and the way he holds his tail up and out. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't get a hug from me or my husband or the kids.

Khismet, what can I say about him? He is part of our family now, and we are his 'herd'. He is a wonder -- like a child, and my love for him is such.

UPDATE!: Khismet is now owned by Susan Barrett and family (or should I say Susan Barrett and Family are owned by him?)! Along with Khismet, they have become the loving home of another AHRN beauty, Viva La Paloma. A big thank you to the Barrett family for giving these two deserving horses homes and new leases on life! They are truly blessed to have you :)

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