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For those folks without AOL access. Stop by on a daily basis and share your thoughts but please read and adhere to the guidelines posted at the top.
Arabian Rescue and AHRN (AOL Only)
Visit us on AOL through keyword: Pet Care Forum. Follow the links from "Horses," to "Message Boards," then on to "All Horse Message Boards."  From there, follow the link to "Horse Breeds - A to L," and then to "Arabian Rescue & AHRN."  You're home and among friends!
The Exceller Fund - For Rescued Horses
The Exceller Fund is a group of individual contributors who, in cooperation with United Pegasus Foundation, shares in the responsibilities and obligations of sponsoring retired Thoroughbred racehorses that United Pegasus Foundation rescues from abuse and slaughter. We do this in memory of Exceller - a racing legend on two continents who died an untimely and undignified death in Sweden.
The Pegasus Foundation
We are a registered non-profit organization dedicated to protecting horses from abuse and slaughter. Our rehabilitation, retraining farms currently care for more than 80 rescued and donated horses with a limited staff. We believe that all horses deserve our respect and compassion.
The Equine Placement Network
The Equine Placement Network is working to get legislation passed in Pennsylvania to end the abhorrant and inhumane conditions under which horses being sold for slaughter are kept and transported in Pennsylvania. Working for strong transportation legislation, they are trying to end the needless, painful suffering, and torture of these companion animals. The website contains some very graphic pictures of starving, near death, and dead horses. These pictures are not suitable for young readers or adults that would find this to be upsetting. Please remember while viewing them, that these horses desperately need our help.

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