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Half Arabian / Half Pinto Gelding

A Companion Lost Forever ...

Half Arabian / Pinto Gelding

I am a half arab/pinto arabian gelding with one blue eye. I do not have my papers. I need some work and an experienced, kind rider because I am a bit nervous--I am under 10 years old. If you close your eyes and picture me with a bath, and more weight you will see what I was meant to be--right now I am one step away from being someone's dinner--I deserve so much more than that.  Will you please help me?

UPDATE (12/16):  It is with great sadness that we report this beautiful little half Pinto, half Arabian gelding was shipped to a Texas slaughterhouse last week.  AOLer Michelle French had wanted him but we were told someone else had spoken for him ... but that someone else never came through to claim him.  He was beginning to get sick at the feedlot, so when the truck pulled up, he was loaded and taken away. It is a given that this will happen sometimes, but the thought of the fate he now faces is heartbreaking. Following is Michelle's post from the AOL message boards about her lost companion:

Dear Santa,

I only want to ask for one thing this Christmas.

Could you please, PLEASE watch over the little (almost) black and white pinto gelding that was shipped to slaughter? Could you make sure that he is at least somewhat comfortable on that long ride to Texas, that his companions do not trample him on the ride down? Could you make sure that he gets his share of food and water, and that he gets a dry, clean paddock that is not too crowded when he gets down there?

And can you comfort him for me, and make sure he is not afraid? And see that his illness (which doomed him) is enough to make him groggy enough not to worry, but not so bad it hurts?

And one last thing....this is a big request, but it means so much to me...can you fly down there really quick, and give him a hug for me, and tell him that, if he wants, he can wait at the Rainbow Bridge for me....he doesn't have to be left out.

Tell him someone DID care.

Thank you.
Michelle & Gang

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