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I've Found A New Home!!

PS I LuvYou

We received a phone call through the southern California rescue grapevine, that two thin and frightened Blackstone Bey babies, a yearling colt and filly, had been run through a sheep auction near Santa Ynez, and were destined for slaughter if someone did not intervene on their behalf. The filly was PS I LuvYou, out of a *Karadjordje daughter, and the colt was PS Thunder Bey, out of the champion producing Tornado daughter, Tormae.

News of their plight could not have come at a worse time as the AHRN barn was completely full with recent rescues when Rose Ann received the call. Volunteer Trish Warr went to work trying to find a place to keep them until permanent homes could be found. The thought of two mere babies going to slaughter was too much to bear. With her husband, Trish put up the money to save the youngsters and went about trying to find a foster home for them. Via the internet, she recruited a new AHRN volunteer and her husband for the job! They were touched by their story, and stepped willingly up to the plate to take the two under their wing until permanent homes could be found.

While the strangles bacteria runs rampant at the auctions and feedlots, risk of transmission can be minimized. The couple took the initiative to set up a make shift quarantine area on their property, observed the necessary precautions, and found a place for the youngsters at their home. The babies were in desperate need of temporary, committed care, and that was all that mattered.

In the mean time, Rose Ann sent a letter to their breeder, who responded back to her immediately. The babies had been with a trainer on the west coast, and the decision had been made to sell them. However, the breeder was completely unaware of where her trainer had taken the babies to be sold. He told her only that they had gone to good homes. While registration papers had accompanied the filly, the colt was without his. The breeder has graciously agreed to send them to AHRN after his identity has been confirmed.

When the two arrived at their foster home, they were wormy, thin, and unkept. Their coats were dull, tails rubbed, and bellies distended. After a few days in their temporary home, their foster mom shared these words with us:

"The kids have been here a week, and I am happy to say that they are very well behaved for yearlings. They are so smart and willing to learn. When the kids arrived I had told Trish that they did not have life in their eyes. I can say that they do now. They look forward to seeing people, love to be loved on, and gladly show it.

We have given the kids nick names: Lovie, for PS I LuvYou, and TB for PS Thunder Bay. Both nicker at feed time, and finally beginning Saturday, started nickering when my husband or myself enter the horse area. You have no idea what a wonderful feeling it was to have heard them the first time. Almost like the first time you hear your children speak, or hearing the first nicker from a new born foal.

At times, I must admit, I have looked into their eyes and asked myself why someone would have allowed what has happened to them, to have happened. They have the most beautiful EYES so large and expressive. Eyes that most of us would kill to have on our personally bred babies, and faces that make you want to just kiss all over. How could the person who bred them, allow what has happened to them happen? One thing we are grateful for is that their papers did travel with them, so they can be placed in a loving home.

The filly is gaining weight a bit faster than the colt, and she was turned out yesterday, she is so SMART. When we went out to feed her, she left the turn out area and went directly to her food bowl. TB, he is too too cute. When I feed him, if I feed Lovie first, he gives me such a look, as to be saying, "Me first". He loves to be loved on, and have his face pet. He was the first to nicker, and say Hello. To me, I love TB, and it will be hard to let him leave me. But I know it is best, for when they leave, I will have room for others. Oh, I almost forgot one of the most important things, their EARS; as strange as it sounds, they're perky! Maybe it is the whole face and head experience. Their heads are carried high now, no longer hanging down, and when you go out back, their faces: head, eyes, ears, are perky.

My husband and I cannot thank RoseAnn enough for allowing us to experience the wonderful joy these kids have brought into our lives. I can only hope that others, can experience what we have. You are never alone or in doubt as to what to do. Trish has been there for us, to answer any and all questions. At first we asked ourselves if we had the room for the kids, seeing how they needed quarantine, but we found that we did. All of our hesitations and fears regarding housing these wonderful yearlings were found to be unwarranted, for once we first saw Lovie and TB's faces we knew we did the right thing.

I know this is getting long so let me end with this. I would hate to know what horrors these two have witnessed, in their very young lives, and can only Pray that they will find loving homes, and loving people to own, worthy of their love. Thank you RoseAnn and Trish for allowing us to grown personally, by assisting the rescue. We can only pray that others will open their doors to assist future kids in need. I am attempting not to become attached to them, although it is very hard. If there is any way we can assist you in the future, please don't hesitate to ask.

Ksuprima5 and Husband"

The lovely little filly is now in her new home in Texas with AHRN volunteer, Cindy Henry, who is also the proud mom of "Popeye."


PS I LuvYou
1997 Bay Mare
AHR# 545827

Blackstone Bey Bey Shah Bay El Bey
Star of Ofir
MA Mars Magic *Marsianin
Fire Bomb
Karadeena *Karadjordje Gerwazy
Wieretta Wiertez

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