HF Spring Fling

Spring Fling and Others

HF Spring Fling (far right), Midnight Exotique, and three other members of a herd were taken by animal reg from a private home where neighbors had reported them starving.  It seems that rather than take them in to protective custody, someone arranged for them to go directly to the kill pens.  AOLer Michelle French flew down from northern California in early April and purchased the five of this herd, plus two other terrified, unidentifiable geldings.  All are safe at the Equus Sanctuary until Michelle moves to southern California in early spring and will reclaim them.


HF Spring Fling
1983 Grey Mare
AHR# 290131
Khazzan Negatraz *Bask
Bajalee *Bajram
Sunny Silver
Foreverspringtime *Eter Comet
Saracen Rose Dunes
Roayal Pandora