LAS Pharsaoud

LAS Pharsaoud

Roseann fell in love with this neat old guy ... she is a dyed in the wool Kellogg/Crabbet fan and this fellow is just stole her heart. Here is what she had to say about him:

I found out about this treasure through a post on AOL. $400 for this treasured 20 year old stallion - he was not a rescue, but hey ... I fell in love!!! But with that pedigree I had to have him - so I did what ALL OF YOU do when you take one of our horses ... I spent money I didn't have on a horse I didn't need!!

I borrowed the money to pay for him (thank you DI!), and didn't eat for a few weeks to pay for his transport to my house!!! I just wanted to share him with you ... I really thought I was above this falling in love sight unseen with a horse ... but I guess not!!! - Roseann


LAS Pharsaoud
1979 Chestnut Stallion
AHR# 215717
Subhi Sadik Abu Farwa Rabiyas
Ferdeyna *Raseyn
La Phebe Nusabre Nusik
Nevada Star
LAS Fersonika Ferbabeyn

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