DA Raffinee

DA Raffinee

This is an exquisite young mare. As a very very young foal (12 hours we are told) she was purchased for $60,000. The gentleman who bought her liquidated his herd about a year about (sometime in 1998) and Raffy was given to neighbors as a riding horse. We will never know what caused it, but Raffy has a severe fibrotic myopathy in her left hip. This is a major build up of scar tissue caused by a tear in the muscle - as it heals the scar tissue builds and renders a once pliable muscle limited, if not almost useless. One on side that same muscle is soft - on the injured side it feels more like bone. Raffy will never be rideable. She was at purchased by one of the local feedlot owners at a lowend auction - we bought her for $550.

She has had only one baby.

DA Raffinee

I had alot of concerns about placing so young and exquisite a mare. I wanted her to have a lifelong commitment. She stayed with me for a few months and then went to one of our main foster homes.

Daniella and Dan have nursed and loved many AHRN horses - and then painfully, for them, let them leave. Not this time - Raffy, has a home with them for life.


DA Raffinee
1987 Grey Mare
AHR# 379596
Ansata Shah Zam Ansata Shah Zaman *Morafic
*Ansata Bint Mabrouka
Ansata Sabiha *Ansata Ibn Halima
Ansata Jellabia Ansata Ibn Sudan *Ansata Ibn Halima
*Ansata Bint Mabrouka
Maarqada Fabah
El Maar

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