RHA Khnight Renegade

I've Found A New Home!!

RHA Khnight Renegade

Here is Renegade's story (aka "Chance") as told by his new mom, Stacy Berger:

"I was getting ready to wrap up work and head home for the weekend on a Friday in December - when I recieved a new email from the AHRN. As always I immediately opened it. What I read just floored me. RHA Knight Renegade - a bay coming 4 year old gelding was at the dreaded feedlot. I knew the breeder - I know her horses - like all the other Arabian horses, this guy should not be there. I felt helpless, being so far away. I called everyone I knew of associated with the AHRN and sent emails to his breeder and several friends that own horses that came from this farm. It is hard to get in touch with anyone on a Friday early evening! So I headed home from work - hoping Roseanne would call me quick with the amount to get him out of there.

As I drove home, I worried and fretted thru the Friday nasty commute. Thankfully - when I got home - ROSEANN CALLED!! I would send the check to her the next day and Renegade would be at her house that weekend. The last thing I needed was another horse. A couple months earlier I had just purchased a beautiful 3 year old gelding as my long time friend had died last Spring. What would I do with 2 youngsters??? My husband was very supportive of this whole thing - and pointed out that we did have 1 empty stall in the barn...

RoseAnn called me on Sunday. He was safe at her house. She had recieved a call from a woman that was interested in him down in southern California if I didn't want to make the trip down. But over the weekend, I had invested alot of emotions into this guy, and I was planning on developing him into an endurance horse. Pretty aggressive goals to place on a horse coming from a feedlot that I hadn't seen yet - let alone have a vet check. RoseAnn snickered at my plans and informed me he had feet the size of a dinner plate! She thought that would be a great calling in life for him! I made plans to drive down and pick Renegade up the following week.

In the meantime, I had talked with his breeder. She gave me the name/phone number of the people she had sold Renegade to the year prior. I called them up. The woman I talked to was glad I had called. They had bought Renegade as a 3 year old. They owned several other horses. Because Renegade was young - they sent him to a trainer to be started. The trainer had taught him basic ground manners and had been long lining him for a couple months. The trainer also started him under saddle. The owner decided that Renegade was ready - and saddled him up to ride around the stable. Renegade had spooked at a tractor and the owner was unseated. Well - that was it. The owner was tired of spending money on Renegade, and didn't like being dumped. There was an all-breed auction in Pomona - so that was were Renegade was headed. The owner thought the auction had a good reputation and they would get a good sale price.

Because Renegade had only been in a trailer once - they gave him some Ace and sent Renegade to the auction with a couple other horses from the stable they boarded at. The owners didn't even bother to go to the auction with Renegade to see where he ended up. Renegade shouldn't have been given any drugs prior to the sale either. Anyways - he went to the auction and sold for $150. The owners were ticked off - and wondering had bought him.

Apparantly a horse trader bought him. The trader hauled him to the auction in Bakersfield where the feedlot owner bought him for $250. The AHRN then came to his rescue. We paid $500 for him.

We don't know what happened to him between sales, but Renegade was in good health. Fortunately for him - Renegade was current on his strangles vaccinations - so he did not contract strangles.

Now he is very happy at our house. He gets lots of love and attention. Renegade and my other 4 year old are best buddies - and play tag all day in the pasture. While he is not built to the specifications of a halter horse, he will be an awesome trail horse. He has a slight overbite; his neck is a bit shorter than they like (fine for endurance), he has big bones, a big powerful rear-end with a sloping croup (best in my opinion), big feet, and best of all a great personality.

It is unfortunate and a sad reflection of society that so many were only interested in Renegade for making a quick buck. And it is also very disappointing that the original buyer disposed of Renegade with such little regard to his fate, basically tossing Renegade aside like the bike he was no longer interested in. Had I found Renegade while shopping for a new horse friend - I would have purchased Renegade very happily. So fate has brought us togther...and I am very pleased to have Renegade in my barn."

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