I've Found A New Home!!



UPDATE 2/7/99: Spotless has found a permanent, loving new home with Christine (AOLer Shatena), mother to AHRN alumi Jessica and Preston! Here is what Chrisine had to say about her boy:

"This horse is a TOTAL sweetheart. He has no idea he's a horse <g>. He thinks he's a dog. Very loving, will do anything for some hugs and a carrot. He loves to have his face rubbed and he follows us around, especially if he thinks we have carrots. Speaking of carrots, he can find them ANYWHERE. No use hiding them, he'll find them and eat them all anyway. Every day I love this guy more and more. He's so kind and so sweet. I have promised him that he will never be valued solely for what prizes he can win or how well he performs. I have promised that even if he is NEVER able to "work" again, he'll get loves and carrots everyday for the rest of his life. He is still limping on his left fore :( The faster he's moving the worse it is. That said, he doesn't seem to care about it all that much. He runs and plays with Preston all the time (they act like yearling colts ::sigh::). This lameness is perplexing. There's no swelling anywhere, no heat and he doesn't seem to be in pain."

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