I've Found A New Home!!



Starleen and his new mom, Katey

Starleen's Story, as written by AHRN volunteer, CyndiB:

"Starleen (AHR# 0526992) and his pasture-mate, Flicka's Fire, both two year old purebreds with exceptional pedigrees, were bred for racing careers but ended up at a Southern California feedlot instead. Flicka's Fire, a filly, was adopted quickly, and my daughter Katie and I were dispatched to the feedlot to pick her and an older unpapered gray mare up for delivery to AHRN (aka Rose Ann's house).

It was love at first sight for Katie and the tall, leggy Starleen. As we loaded the two mares into my two-horse trailer, she became depressed at the thought of leaving him behind for certain shipment to slaughter. "Rose Ann can't find a sponsor for him" I told her. "No one wants a horse they can't ride for one or two more years."

By the time we got to Rose Ann's, Katie had decided that she would use some of her savings to get Starleen out. By then, his pathetic image and soulful eyes had begun to tug at my heartstrings too. So we dropped off the two mares, picked up Santina for delivery to Trish (SsiriusS), and headed back to the feedlot for Starleen. By the time we got home that night, we had driven over 300 miles!

Starleen has been with us for over three months now, but finally someone contacted the AHRN who wanted a young gelding. Although Katie is sad to see him go, she knows that he will be happy in his new 18 acre pasture home with Katey and Brett Gies in Idaho."

Cyndi and Katie, thank you for saving Starleen and providing him such a loving home for the last three months. You gave him a new chance in life! What a remarkable story ...


AHR# 0526992
1996 Chestnut Gelding

Brusally Orlen *Orzel Pietuszok
Brusally Czlena Brusally Czesta
RV Starlight Kyd Bask *Bask
SM Star Bright Comar Bay Beau

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